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33 Acres Brewing Co - Brewing Experiment Fluffy Cloud IPA
33 Acres Brewing Co - Nirvana
Boneyard Beer - RPM IPA
Boneyard Beer - RPM IPA Sale price$3.99
Bowen Island Brewing - Artisan IPA
Breakside Brewery - IPA
Breakside Brewery - IPA Sale price$4.49
Breakside Brewery - Wanderlust IPA
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Breakside Brewery - What A Rough Beast Hazy IPA
Bridge Brewing Co - PrimeTime IPA
Category 12 Brewing - Breakthru Gluten-Removed IPA
Category 12 Brewing - Chromatic IPA
Category 12 Brewing - Juicy Data Hazy IPA
Deschutes Brewery - Fresh Squeezed IPA
Deschutes Brewery - Squeezy Rider West Coast IPA
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Deschutes Brewery - Tropical Fresh IPA
Driftwood Brewery - Fat Tug IPA
Driftwood Brewery - Fat Tug IPA
Driftwood Brewery - Fat Tug IPA
Driftwood Brewery - Fat Tug IPA
Driftwood Brewery - Raised by Wolves Wild IPA
Save $0.50
Field House Brewing - Hazy IPA
Field House Brewing - Hazy IPA Sale price$4.29 Regular price$4.79
Field House Brewing - IPA
Field House Brewing - IPA Sale price$17.99
Four Winds Brewing Co - Featherweight IPA
Four Winds Brewing Co - Greg IPA
Four Winds Brewing Co - IPA
Four Winds Brewing Co - Juxtapose IPA
Ghostfish Brewing Co - Gluten-Free Grapefruit IPA
Gladstone Brewing Co - IPA
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Glutenberg - Gluten-Free IPA
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Ground Breaker Brewing - No. 5 Gluten-Free IPA
Hoyne Brewing Co - Shine On Hazy IPA
Lighthouse Brewing - Numbskull DIPA
Lighthouse Brewing - Shipwreck IPA
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Maui Brewing Co - Big Swell IPA
Neighbourhood Brewing - Way of Life Hazy IPA
Save $2.00
Omission - Ultimate Gluten-Free IPA
Omission - Ultimate Gluten-Free IPA Sale price$17.99 Regular price$19.99
Persephone Brewing Co - IPA
Phillips Brewing Co - Amnesiac Double IPA
Phillips Brewing Co - Electric Unicorn White IPA
Phillips Brewing Co - Free Ride Hazy IPA
Phillips Brewing Co - Hop Circle IPA
Phillips Brewing Co - Reverb West Coast IPA
Salt Spring Brewing Co -  Earl Grey IPA
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Sierra Nevada Brewing Co - Torpedo IPA
Small Gods Brewing Co - Rascal King Hazy IPA
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Steamworks - Flagship IPA
Steamworks - Flagship IPA Sale price$16.99 Regular price$17.99
Steamworks - Flagship IPA