Quails' Gate - Pinot Noir 2022

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750 ml
Pinot Noir
British Columbia, Okanagan Valley
BC VQA Okanagan Valley
Quails' Gate
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Quails’ Gate are true wine pioneers in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia with more than sixty years of experience in viticulture.

The Stewart family settled in the area in 1908. Five decades later, Dick Stewart started to grow grapes in 1961. The winery, Quails’ Gate was founded in 1989. Over the next two decades, the entire family became involved in making the company one of the leading producers of premium BC VQA wines.

The vineyard and the climate are unique: the Okanagan experiences cooler temperatures yet high heat and long periods of sun exposure in the Summer, which provides the ability to grow a multitude of varietals. Due to its latitudinal location, the Okanagan has, more sunlight exposure than most regions in the world. West Kelowna in particular, also sits over an extinct volcano with soil rich in volcanic rock, clay, gravel and glacial till, providing minerals that give wines depth, strength and character.

Their vineyard team is dedicated to ensuring that the grapes are given the best chance to succeed and are hand-harvested in order to maintain grape integrity. Quails’ Gate are committed to sustainability and are widely-regarded as industry experts in the development of Canadian viticulture practices, as reflected by the use of drip irrigation in over 95% of their vineyards. They also seed grass and cover crops between rows of vines to reduce evaporation and use compost and organic fertilizers to build healthy soil. Their cutting-edge Agrotherm tech even controls pests without chemicals.

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