Esquimalt Wine Co - Kina-Blanc

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500 ml
Apéritif & Digestif, Craft, Vermouth
Vancouver Island
Esquimalt Wine Co

A classic French Apéritif married with wild elderflower from Vancouver Island, chamomile, orris root and bitter quinine.

Made from mead using blueberry-blossom honey from British Columbia. The kina style of wine, or simply tonic wine, is the French answer to Britain's tonic water. Both of which were used in the first half of the 1900s as an effective treatment against malaria. Today, the style is enjoyed simply over ice, perhaps with a splash of sparkling water.

For a delightful Elderflower Martini, with vibes of the iconic Vesper cocktail, use two parts gin to one part Kina-Blanc and stir over ice with a lemon peel garnish.

18% abv

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